An In-Depth Look at Building Permits for a Granny Flat in Sydney

Building Permits for a Granny Flat in Sydney

Navigating construction regulations and permits can be a complicated process. We have taken an in-depth look at the legislative requirements surrounding granny flats and created this simple breakdown to remove any confusion for our customers.


Sydney Legislations for Building Granny Flats

The New South Wales Government released the Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) in 2009, permitting all residential homeowners to build a granny flat on their property. The new policy is intended to assist families in need of extra space or an additional source of income while boosting the supply of affordable rental accommodation.


Regulations for Building a Granny Flat

What You Will Need

  • The block of land must be at least 450m2 to accommodate the structure with a minimum of 12m frontage. Under CDC approval, if land is less GF may still be possible through DA
  • The owner of the granny flat must also own the primary dwelling.
  • Enough green space for both primary dwelling and granny flat


 What to Avoid

  • Granny flats cannot be built on community or subdivided property.
  • Granny flats cannot be built on commercial property or unoccupied land.
  • The granny flat must be no larger than 60m2 of living space. This does not include patios, verandas or carports.


Other Information

  • Granny flats are allowed to be attached to the primary dwelling or they can stand alone. It is possible to convert a section of the primary dwelling into a granny flat.
  • No additional private outdoor area or parking space is required to accompany the granny flat.
  • Granny flats can only be built on residential zone properties with a limit of one granny flat per property.


Our granny flats are optimised to suit these regulations and our builders are construction experts. Choosing a knowledgeable specialist will ensure your construction is not hindered by legislation issues, letting you rest easy and enjoy your new granny flat.


Obtaining a Permit to Build a Granny Flat in Sydney

In order to boost the availability of affordable rental accommodation in Sydney, the SEPP allows granny flats in New South Wales to be approved in just 10 days. This is great news for anyone looking to build a granny flat as an additional living space or for those wanting to utilise the structure as an easy-to-maintain source of income.

The first step is to complete this checklist and make sure your property meets the legislative requirements. Next, you’ll need to lodge a development application with the council – our friendly home builders will prepare and lodge all necessary paperwork for approval through a trusted certifier. This specialist step-by-step process is simple and effective, getting your granny flat construction underway as soon as possible.


Home Plus One makes granny flat approval easy. For more information, contact us online or call 02 8626 6668.

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