What Else Can a Granny Flat Be Used for?

Granny Flat Uses

Gone are the days when the humble granny flat was merely used to accommodate relatives. Today, granny flats have become the perfect addition to your home, maximising productivity and providing the perfect place to relax in the midst of a bustling metropolitan life.

Here are a few of our favourite uses for your new granny flat:


Home Office

Whether you work from home or you simply need a quiet space to study, a granny flat can provide you with the privacy and freedom you require to meet your deadlines. A custom granny flat doubles as a professional space to hold meetings without interruptions or distractions.


Providing Additional Storage

Granny flat specialists can work with you to design the perfect clutter-free environment to hold the treasures you no longer have space for but can’t bring yourself to throw away. Maximise storage capability by including as many cabinets and built-in storage units as possible. This will give you ample space to hold seasonal décor, excess linen, crockery and mementoes.


Artist’s Studio

A one bedroom granny flat can be transformed into an artist’s studio for music, painting, writing, designing and much more. Having a home studio means removing commute hassles and time restraints. You can achieve your goals in a private, comfortable area designed entirely to your tastes. This simple step-by-step guide is perfect for learning how to build your new granny flat.


Personalised Man Cave

When designing your granny flat, there are endless options for style and design depending on how you intend to utilise the space. Home building specialists are understanding and adaptable, working tirelessly to provide you with the space you’ve been imagining. An expertly decked out man-cave is a private sanctuary mere moments from your door, accommodating your hobbies/gadgets and fitting your choice of décor.


Pool House

If you are the proud owner of a pool or you plan to install one, a granny flat can double as the perfect pool house for entertaining friends, changing in and out of swimwear, easily accessing a bathroom, resting, or simply enjoying a beverage and a meal. All of this is possible without disturbing the peace and cleanliness of your home. The designs at Home Plus One can be adapted to blend with your outdoor landscape and create the perfect addition to your home.


Kid’s Playroom or Teenager’s Retreat

Children are renowned for their ability to turn a beautifully maintained house into a war zone. Building a granny flat will give the kids a playroom so your home stays clutter-free and peaceful. Our granny flat specialists can help you design and construct the ideal space for your children to play.

As they grow older and require more space, a one or two-bedroom granny flat can be transformed into a teenager’s retreat – with high rental prices keeping more teenagers and young adults at home than ever before, you can help them achieve a level of independence for minimal cost while they save money for a lease or home loan.


To build the perfect granny flat for your needs, talk to the experts at Home Plus One. Call us on 02 8626 6668 or contact us online for more ways to get in touch.

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